Virtual Machine server (Dell PE1950)
Webserver Linux (Dell PE2850)
Web/SMTP server Linux (Dell PE1650)
Webserver Windows (Dell PE1650)
DNS/MySQL server (Dell PE750)
Backup/DNS server (Dell SC600)
Test server (Cobalt Raq2)

Web/SMTP Server (PowerEdge 1650)


2 Intel® Pentium® III processors at 1.13GHz
133MHz front side bus to allow faster data throughput
32KB L1 cache (16KB instruction cache and 16KB two-way write-back data cache)
512KB L2 cache
ServerWorks HE-SL Chipset

1536MB, 133MHz SDRAM memory with Error-Correcting Code (ECC) technology

Drives / Storage
18GB 15,000 rpm, Hot swappable SCSI Ultra3 (Ultra 160) Harddrive
36GB 10,000 rpm, Hot swappable SCSI Ultra3 (Ultra 160) Harddrive
24X IDE CD-ROM Drive
Dual-channel integrated Ultra3 (Ultra160) SCSI Adaptec® AIC-7899 (160Mb/s) controller

Dual integrated Intel PRO/1000 XT Gigabit NICs with the load balancing and failover support

Rack-Mountable 1U Chassis: 1.67" (4.24cm) H x 17.6" (44.70cm) W x 27.0" (68.58cm) D
4 post rack, Complete rack rail kit
Front Bezel

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